Name: Zerg (Sentient)

Planet of Origin: Zerus

Lifespan: Unknown/Varies

Height: Varies

Weight: Varies

Description: Zerg are a collection of numerous different 'breeds' that work together in a colony, guided by a hivemind.  Because of this, they vary greatly in size and appearance.  See Zerg for details on the different breeds.  In general, they are insectoid in appearance, and noted for having thick carapaces and an assortment of spines on their being.

Diet: Organic matter; primarily meat.  Some zerg breeds are cannabalistic.


The sentient strain of zerg were created by Kerrigan and the cerebrate Zasz, before his demise.  A small brood under Zasz' control was engineered with greater intelligence via human DNA, in the hopes of raising an army with greater coordination and tactical strength on the battlefield.  The venture was successful, but the resulting intelligence also gave rise to willpower in the previously mindless zerg.  Control was lost over the colony, and many of its members scattered aimlessly into space before they could be erradicated. 


Sentient zerg share all the same abilities as their non-sentient brethren, but have the added benefit of free will and the ability to process emotions and simple thoughts.  They are still largely ruled by their primal ways, but are more resistent to the hivemind, and are capable of surviving and reproducing in the wild.

Because they still retain telepathy and traces of human DNA, most sentient zerg are capable of processing simple words and understanding human speech. 

Known Sentient Zerg on EarthEdit

All of Briar's Colony, Vnithin, Zaitha, and their offspring, & Craisil.