Name: Zhenn'arh

Gender: Male

Race: Jungle Troll

Height: 7'5"

Weight: 243 lbs

Birthdate: 1985

Age: 26

Place of Birth: Echo Isle, Azeroth

Status: Citizen

Occupation: Animal Handler/Reserve Soldier


He has two toes on each foot, and two fingers and a thumb on each hand. Small tusks rise up in a curve from either side of his upper jaw, while he boasts a set of small fangs and pointed canine-like teeth, in addition to what are otherwise a humanoid set of teeth.

He has long ears that are wide at the base and taper into a fine point at the end, angling back slightly. His forehead slopes back almost immediately from his eyebrows, while his cheekbones are high and slender, giving his face a long, angled look. Zhenn'arh is thickly muscled in the upper body and shoulders, and has long arms and strong, compact legs.

Although it's hard to tell from any distance, Zhenn'arh is covered in short, soft, ash-gray fur. The fur itself is usually tinted green along his back and upper arms, where moss and other small forms of plant life adhere not only to the fur, but to the skin itself. His hair is thick and wiry, and a mix of dark, slate blue and black, with lighter tips. He tends to wear facepaint (generally a mix of purple and white), and brightly colored, often mismatched clothing.


Like all trolls of his kind, he is partially self-healing. Although he can easily die from bloodloss or mortal wounds, he can fully heal from any damage that doesn't outright kill him.

His skin and fur can also sustain plant life to a minimal degree, and he can usually be found with a host of seedlings sprouting randomly about in his fur.

Before the VoidEdit

Zhenn'arh grew up on the Echo Isles as part of the Darkspear Trolls clan. He and his sister were raised mostly by their mother, after their father failed to return home from a fishing venture along the coast of Durotar when they were little.

From a young age, Zhenn'arh showed great interest in raptor raising, and quickly grew to be one of the clan's most prominent trainers of their iconic reptile mounts. His skills extended to other beasts too, leading Zhenn to take up a career in animal handling, in which he caught, trained, and sold a wide variety of creatures as exotic pets, mounts, and work animals. With the help of his raptor companion Den'Tarak, Zhenn was able to travel far and wide to sell the various creatures he collected.

He became good friends with Milkweed and his family, and occasionally joined the elder druid in missions involving the study or rescue of animals.

Zhenn'arh eventually trained as a warrior and enlisted in the Horde army, where he joined in a great number of skirmishes and battlefronts across several continents. Though he continued to catch and sell animals when he could, Zhenn found most of his time consumed by war, and when the battles died down, he was often given the task of scouting ahead and watching enemy movements.

During one such mission, Zhenn'arh and Den'Tarak found themselves in the woodlands of Elywnn Forest, land controlled by their enemies. The pair were ambushed by a human mage not long after entering the timber, and before Zhenn'arh could attack or flee, the mage cast them both through a portal...

Life on EarthEdit

The portal transported Zhenn and Den to Earth, somewhere on the outskirts of Laissez Faire. Den'Tarak fled, leaving Zhenn'arh on his own, with little in the way of food, currency, or an idea of where he was. Zhenn spent the first few weeks wandering around and trying in vain to figure out how to get back home, and in that time, he made a few friends and briefly settled in Laissez Faire before moving on.

A few months later, he was captured by Kerrigan and corralled into the town of Roellen along with thousands of other residents, and the remainder of Latarin's depleted assault group. For three weeks, the citizens were held in the town after being infected by a virus engineered by Kerrigan and the scientists of Meinville. Zhenn'arh attempted several times to escape, only to be shot by guards encircling the city. Inevitably, as the citizens began to die off, and Zhenn himself became ill, he retreated into one of the many abandoned houses in the town.

His signature was eventually detected by Bumblebee during a mission to scout the town and find the cause of a number of sickened protoss that had been brought to Laissez Faire (which had in turn sickened a number of other organics there). After failing to convince Zhenn'arh to leave the house for medical treatment, Bee was forced to return to Laissez Faire without him.

Bee was soon sent out again with the help of Sandry to bring Zhenn'arh back to Laissez Faire, after Ratchet and Briar had expressed suspicion that he might be the final key to an antidote for the virus. With some persuasion, the troll was brought back to their medical facility, where antibodies in his blood were used to successfully complete the serum that ended up saving their friends from the radical virus.

Zhenn'arh has since remained in Laissez Faire, and has assisted in a number of rescue missions and battles against the town's enemies.


He remains close friends with Milkweed, Janah, Contus, and Konjac after their arrival on Earth. His adventurous personality has made him quick friends with Koal and Sideswipe, and because of his sturdier nature and ability to cope with injuries, he often joins along with Sides when the mech has a new idea for a prank or game. Indeed, there are few people who Zhenn truly doesn't get along with, though many of his habits (and occasional lack of hygiene) tend to make others leery of the troll.

After initially being wary of the mages, Zhenn has since come to respect them, though he remains somewhat intimidated by Rosethorn.


Zhenn'arh has an affinity for many creatures, particularly reptiles and insects. As a result of this and years of self-training as an animal wrangler, Zhenn has a number of 'pets' that can either be found following him along under foot, riding on his being, or skittering around in the Medical Facility and Headquarters where he resides. Mees Spidey and Roachy are among the most well known of his pets, and the latter is typically found riding on his shoulder or nestled on his head. He is known to have several snakes, including a large cobra, and over a dozen spiders of varying sizes. The only creatures that Zhenn'arh actively avoids are small cats, which he is deeply suspicious of.

Despite having a number of dangerous and deadly 'pets', many of which escape their cages on a regular basis, no accidental bites have been reported. This testifies to Zhenn'arh's incredible ability at taming otherwise untamable animals, even when he is neglectful about keeping them properly contained. The only incident to date occured when Sideswipe unknowingly ran over and killed Copper, a young kingsnake that Zhen had raised from an egg.